When Illness Strikes
We Can Be Your Guide


Show pet owners clinic availability in an instant.

The recent increase in pets and owners has made finding an available vet more challenging than ever. The stress for pet owners who are desperately seeking emergency care is overwhelming. Vets and the staff at veterinary clinics, who dedicate their lives to helping pets in need but don’t have the capacity to help, suffer as well.

Who we are


VetAvailability.com has been developed by veterinarians for veterinarians to reduce reception load and help owners access the right care, as quickly as possible.

Using our site, owners can see which clinics are available for immediate help rather than calling or driving all over the place. Clinic staff can alter the clinic availability with the click of a mouse rather than trying to manage overloaded phone lines.

Our ultimate goal: saving pet’s lives.


Our reasonable prices apply as below, depending on the clinic status. There is no charge for pet owners.

• Primary Care Clinics- Corporate (over 100 clinics) $100/yr
• Primary Care Clinic- Corporate (under 100 clinics) $125/yr
• Single Entity Primary Care Clinics $150/yr
• Palliative/End of Life Clinics $150/yr
• Urgent Care Clinics $200/yr
• Emergency and Referral Facilities $300/yr