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How it Works for Clinics

Show pet owners your clinic availability in an instant

Designed by vets for vets, VetAvailablity was built to show nearby pet owners:

  • Real-time availability for emergency or primary care
  • Expected wait times and
  • Whether new pets are being accepted or not
How Its Work
How Its Work

Register your clinic

Register your clinic as either as an emergency/referral or primary care facility and add your clinic details.

Adjust your status in real time to show whether you are accepting emergency patients and what your wait times are.

Why choose us?

For primary care, you can show if you are accepting new patients or not. Pet owners will see your clinic on a local map which tells them where your clinic is and if it is:

Red: restricted or not accepting new patients
Orange: partially restricted or
Green: open or accepting new patients

Owners can click into your clinic page to call or proceed directly to your clinic.

How Its Work
Pay with PayPal

Payments With PayPal

Below are the pricing options to have your clinic display on search results:

• Primary Care Clinics- Corporate (over 100 clinics) $100/yr
• Primary Care Clinic- Corporate (under 100 clinics) $125/yr
• Single Entity Primary Care Clinics $150/yr
• Palliative/End of Life Clinics $150/yr
• Urgent Care Clinics $200/yr
• Emergency and Referral Facilities $300/yr