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How it Works for Pet Owners

Find Help For Your Pet in an Instant

See clinics near you that are available for immediate help rather than calling or driving all over the place. shows you:

  • Real-time availability for emergency or primary care at a clinic near you
  • Expected wait times and
  • Whether new pets are being accepted or not
How Its Work
How Its Work

How It Works?

From the home page, choose emergency or primary care. Allow Geolocation. Choose a radius in KM or Miles. A map will show member clinics nearest you. They will be colour coded as to status. Red for restricted, Orange for partially restricted and Green for open.

Click Clinic Icon

Click on the clinic icon that works best for you and you will be directed to the clinic page with an expected wait time and other instructions. Call the clinic while enroute. If you are not sure whether it’s really an emergency you can check symptoms on the How Urgent Is My Problem Page. It’s a basic guide to help you decide.

How Its Work